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2022/04/06 11:50:00 UNESCO Fundraiser for Refugees from Ukraine

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  • Posted byDepartment of Global Studies
Sixteen students and two faculty members from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies joined the Kyoto UNESCO Association's fundraising activity on April 4th to raise funds for the Romania UNESCO Association's efforts to assist those people fleeing the invasion of Ukraine into Romania. In just 90 minutes of fundraising in the Kyoto Station area, over 135,000 yen was collected for the Ukraine Emergency Fundraising Fund, which is providing accommodation, food, and daily necessities for refugees being settled in Romania.

Students from the Department of Global Studies (DGS), Department of British and American Studies (Eibei), the Chinese Department and French Department distributed information flyers and collected donations. The fundraising campaign is being sponsored by the Japan UNESCO Association and will continue until the end of May. For more information and how to donate online, please follow the link: https://www.unesco.or.jp/newsitem/12088/

Thanks to McGregor sensei of the DGS, Kato sensei of the General Education department, and all of the participating students from all departments on a job well done! Taking individual action to help solve a problem in society is what being a Changemaker is all about.

  • Kato sensei, McGregor sensei, and their students collecting donations near Kyoto Station
  • Fundraising on the Streets of Kyoto to support refugees of the war in Ukraine
  • KUFS Faculty and students along with UNESCO representatives on the day of the event

2022/03/24 15:00:00 Seminar “The United Nations and the World: And Inside Look“

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  • Posted byProf. Takaaki Miyaguchi
On 5 March, an online seminar titled “UN Seminar” was successfully organized as part of the orientation event that had been postponed several times.

The seminar started at 8 am and lasted until 1 pm. This half-day seminar was organized and co-hosted by Global Studies Syndicate based in New York City, which has extensive network and experience with the United Nations and other international organizations.

The main aim of this seminar was to share and discuss the important issues of the international society through the lens of top officials of various international organizations. The invited special speakers were: the former Chief of the Office of Internal Oversight Services at the United Nations; Senior Evaluation Officer at the Independent Evaluation Office of United Nations Development Programme; and the Director of the Independent Evaluation Office of Global Environment Facility. Altogether, the seminar has covered a very critical set of global themes that the international society has to address with urgency, i.e. peace and humanitarian affairs, environment and sustainability, and poverty alleviation and development.

During this live session, connecting New York City and Washington DC simultaneously, as many as 140 students joined eagerly listening to what these speakers had to say. And at the end of each speaker’s lecture, there was a very lively Q&A session where the students have cast many pertinent questions, e.g. the ones concerning the Ukraine crisis and what the international society can and should do.

All the speakers were very impressed with the interest and enthusiasm of Global Studies students and said that they felt hopeful to see such aspiring and talented youths in Japan.

Knowing the world and seeing it through multiple, different perspectives are the first steps toward becoming a changemaker, the motto of the Department of Global Studies. Similar events are being planned to further stimulate the Global Studies students within and outside the campus.

2022/03/16 12:30:00 "Spin the Hope, Gems from Waste," sampai makes a big impact locally to traditional crafts and local business

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  • Posted byManami Miyatake, 4-year student, Department of Global Studies
On March 3rd, the SDGs ACTION AWARDS 2022 was held by The Asahi Shimbun. "sampai" - an organization focused on upcycling and encouraging local craft projects - participated as a finalist. The action award competition included 75 participants and ideas from Japan and 12 ideas were selected as finalists. sampai received the "audience award" which was based on audience votes and feedback. As a co-founder and on behalf of the sampai team, we are greatly honored.
What do we do at "sampai"? Why is sampai important? How does sampai work?
sampai launched on June 14, 2021 during the COVID-19 situation by Ruka Sasaki and me. We are both students in the Department of Global Studies (DGS). Our team also has members from outside the university.

Briefly, sampai designs and creates unique accessories from scraps of traditional craftworks from local businesses around the Nishijin area in Kamigyo ward, Kyoto. Usually, these scraps are put in the trash because they are small, just a piece, a different shape or color and hard to use in products at a studio. That creates a lot of waste. Yet, sampai’s brand is much more than reducing waste and selling upcycled accessories. An important part of our mission is to educate consumers about the craftsmen and traditional craftworks and how hard it is to produce their beautiful products and re-imagine new ones.

sampai tells consumers the story…behind the story of the products. That is, while we sell the products, we make “the behind story” more visible to consumers and add value by telling their unique story on social media. The movement toward knowing the story and buying a product is needed for our daily life to reduce waste, over consumption or fast fashion and, very importantly, to connect the customer more deeply to the product and the community.

We use our global knowledge and a wide variety of skills to better understand and address issues that provide innovative solutions that local craftsmen and communities can use to overcome some of their challenges. We believe and encourage all DGS students to “think globally and act locally” to support their local community with their knowledge, skills and actions. In fact, by embracing a “changemaker” mindset, together there are many contributions we can make to improve the local community and industry as well as live and work more sustainably.

Our Future and Yours
We, the sampai team will keep working to positively impact the Nishijin and local areas with our creativity and knowledge. And, to all students who read this blog, please remember that it is fine to look at foreign issues but also take time and consider carefully issues of national and local importance – including Kyoto city or your hometown. Surely, there are many opportunities to support impactful local, and national issues with your time, talent and global awareness and knowledge. sampai is an example that even during difficult times, such as those created by the Covid 19 restrictions, we can be a bridge between international and local. We can be changemakers.

To Learn more about sampai or contact us…
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sampai.store
Video (Use CC for English subtitles): https://youtu.be/KmyNmqVAPdg
DM or Email: tano.co.creation@gmail.com

2022/02/14 13:50:00 Experiential Learning and “A Zero Waste Life”

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  • Posted byBiei Motoki. 2-year student in the Department of Global Studies
Hello, my name is Biei Motoki. I'm a second-year student in the Department of Global Studies from Sapporo, Japan.

I'd like to tell you about a great experience I had learning about a "Zero Waste" lifestyle and the Totoya Zero Waste Store in Kyoto as fieldwork for my Community Engagement Project class.

Totoya is truly the most beautiful supermarket I’ve ever been to. There was no sight of packaging nor single-use plastics and that leaves more space for various kinds of food than I’d expected. Shopping there made me feel like I joined their community and contributed to making the planet a better place all together. The best part was its warm atmosphere. You’ll feel welcomed and connected to the staff, and even the other customers. Satisfaction is probably the biggest reason why I loved Totoya. I highly recommend going there to take your first step to a better future. To learn more about a Zero Waste lifestyle and Totoya Zero Waste Store, please read the article:

2022/02/01 13:30:00 KUFS Business for Good Competition 2022

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  • Posted byHult Prize KUFS
At the Department of Global Studies, students are encouraged to be changemakers.

So, building on the changemaker theme, on January 23, 2022, the KUFS Business for Good Competition was held in a hybrid format (on campus and online via Zoom) with the theme of creating new businesses that offer meaningful employment opportunities during this difficult time of Covid-19. Specifically, this year’s challenge was for student teams to create a business that “promotes sustainable growth and employment” with the potential to have both local and global impact.

Three teams made up of first- to fourth-year students from the Department of Global Studies joined the event and competed with their innovative business ideas which all connected to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The winning team was team TAKE. Their business idea focused on ways to help unemployed PhDs (a problem in Japan but also around the world). As the winner, Team TAKE now will move on to the Regional Summit in June. Between now and then, they will continue develop and refine their business idea and model.

We encourage Team Take in their next steps and the leadership team has already started planning for next year’s event to make it bigger, better and even more impactful!

Would you like to join us for next year’s competition?

To learn more, please check out our pictures from this year and feel free to contact us at hultprizekufs@gmail.com if you have questions.

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