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8 A biography produced during the final chaotic years of the Edo period

リンデン 著  小関三英 譯

『那波列翁傳(Napoleon den)』


 The translator Koseki San'ei (1787-1839) was born into a farming family in Dewa Tsuruoka (now the city of Tsuruoka in Yamagata Prefecture) and moved to Edo in 1804 where he became a doctor of Western medicine. He formed contacts with many Dutch scholars and translated Dutch medical works including Seiigen byōryaku (“A Summary of Western Medicine Diseases”) and Gyūtō shu hō (“Vaccination”). Fearing arrest during the suppression of Western scholars in 1839, which claimed the lives of close associates such as Watanabe Kazan and Takano Chōei, he committed ritual suicide. He also served as a public doctor in the Kishiwada domain.
 Koseki translated this work from the original by Joannes van der Linden(1756-1835). Although the title of the original is not indicated, Dutch sources suggest that it was the four-volume Het leven van Bonaparte, naar het Fransch (Amsterdam, 1803). It was completed in 1837 and circulated in manuscript form until Koseki committed suicide 18 years later, in 1857, to publish a woodblock printed edition. The title on the opening and last paragraphs is Napoleon Bonaparte den (“A Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte”), while the title paper gives the title as Kassatsu Napoleon den (“A Letterpress Printed Biography of Napoleon”). The introduction appears to have been written by Matsuoka Daisen, one of Watanabe Kazan's pupils.
 Published in four volumes, one volume is missing from the work in thiscollection.
                            (26×18cm×3 vols.)

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