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7 Possibly the first biography of Napoleon to be written in Japan


『那波列翁一代記(Napoleon ichidaiki)』

全二巻 嘉永七(1854)年

 No details survive concerning the author,editor,original,or place of publication of this woodblock-printed biography of Napoleon. Even the title itself varies. The first volume starts with the poem Furansu ō ka(“The King of France”) by the composer of Chinese poems and Confucian scholar Rai San’yō (1780-1832). This provides a smooth introduction to the subject of this biography, and is thought to have been written based on information gleaned from a Dutch physician in Dejima. This work was preceded by the publication in 1846 and 1847 of Mitsukuri Shōgo's Kon'yo zushiki ho,and the author drew on the biography of Napoleon and information on the world contained in this work to produce what is considered to be the first original biography of Napoleon to appear in Japan. It was published in 1854, the year in which the Convention of Kanagawa (Japan–US Treaty of Peace and Amity) was signed with Commodore Perry. at vember ushered in the new Ansei era, and it was a time when information like this about other countries came to be increasingly valued by the Shogunate and scholars.
                            (26×18cm×2 vols.)

 所蔵情報 (蔵書検索書誌詳細画面)


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