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9 A Japanese translation of a memoir of Napoleon based on conversations with
   the man himself

ラス・カーズ 著  前田長太 翻訳



 This two-volume Japanese translation of Las Cases’ Mémorial de Sainte-Hélène, published in Paris in 1842, was produced by Maeda Chōta. Las Cases was a close confidant of Napoleon’s and was at his side when he died in exile on Saint Helena. His two-volume work is thus considered amongst the most reliable of the many memoirs and biographies of Napoleon, and it has been dubbed the “gospel” of the Napoleon legend.
 Maeda was a Catholic priest born near Shibata in Niigata Prefecture.He excelled at French and wrote extensively using his language skills.Leaving the priesthood, he married and became a translator in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1909. In 1916, he was given a professorship at Keio University. Writing under the pen name Esturei,Maeda published this translation in 1912 while working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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