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4 A biography of Napoleon by a childhood friend and confidant

BOURRIENNE, Louis-Antoine Fauvelet de

Mémoires sur Napoleon

10 vols. Paris, 1829-1831.


 Bourrienne (1769-1834) became friends with Napoleon in boyhood when they were at military academy. After graduating, he specialized in law and diplomacy rather than pursuing a military career. The two later renewed their friendship and he accompanied Napoleon to Egypt as his private secretary. However, he later incurred Napoleon’s displeasure and was fired over money matters and his accumulation of personal wealth. These memoirs, which were published after Napoleon's death, enjoy a firm reputation for their vivid, detailed account of the Egyptian campaign that Bourrienne accompanied. They are considered amongst the best of the many books of this genre for their intimate reminiscences about Napoleon.
 The 10-volume set in this collection is a first edition. The memoirs went through several more editions in France and were translated into a number of other languages too. A Japanese translation by the scholar of English literature Kuribara Kojō was published in 1920 under the title Naou jitsuden.
                            (21×14cm×10 vols.)

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