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3 A biography of Napoleon by a traditional French publishing house


Oeuvres de Napoléon Bonaparte

6 tomes in 5 vols. Paris, 1821-1822.


 This work was edited and published by Panckouke, the same publishing house that planned and published the Encyclopédie Méthodique, an expanded and earranged edition of Diderot and d'Alembert's Encyclopédie. It contains a range of materials on Napoleon,including information on his lineage,correspondence with the Italian consul, records concerning the empire, descriptions of his Egyptian campaign, the invasions of Russia and the Saxon Empire, battles in France, oral records, and documents on his exile.
 The six tomes in five volumes were compiled and published extraordinarily rapidly,with the last volume being finished just one year after the first was published in 1821, the year of Napoleon’s death on Saint Helena. All five volumes are bound in marbled leather, with the top, fore, and foot edges all luxuriously marbled in blue. The second volume contains a two-page portrait of Napoleon.
                            (22×14cm×5 vols.)

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