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5 A memoir of Napoleon based on conversations with the man himself

LAS CASES, Emmanuel-Auguste-Dieudonné, comte de

Mémorial de Sainte-Hélène

2 vols. Paris, 1842.


 Having abdicated and been exiled to Elba in 1814, Napoleon escaped and ascended the imperial throne again in 1815 when there was a conflict of interests between the European powers regarding how to deal with France. However, the French army was defeated at Waterloo by British and Prussian forces, and Napoleon was exiled to the British territory of Saint Helena, where he spent the remainder of his days.
 This memoir was written by Las Cases (1766-1842), a close aide to Napoleon since he became emperor, and they recorded his conversations with the man himself on Saint Helena. It describes Napoleon's views on the world, history, and life, leading it to be dubbed by some as the “gospel” of the Napoleon legend.
 As befits the memoir of a former emperor, both volumes are bound in purple Moroccan leather, feature gold patterning and text on the front and back covers, and the top, fore, and foot edges are gilded. They were published in Paris in 1842, 21 years after Napoleon's death. A Japanese translation by Maeda Chōta, entitled Sei Herena ni okeru Naporeon kaisōroku was published in 1912.

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