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1 Portraits and handwriting of Napoleon

Autographed letter dated January 23, 1813, from the Minister of War to Napoleon

 This official document dated January 23, 1813, was written to Napoleon by the Duke of Feltre as Minister of War. It consists of a report on the state of armaments and supplies in the fortified city of Erfurt, and recommendations regarding the appointment of an artillery battalion commander.On the center-left of the page, Napoleon has commented that “10,000 cannonballs and 1,000,000 artillery bullets should be appropriate for Erfurt. They will be brought from Wesel or Mainz.” Napoleon has autographed the letter and dated it January 24, 1813, beneath the place name Fontainebleau.
 The portrait was made by an unknown artist in 1820, around one year before Napoleon's death on Saint Helena.
                           (frame 44×56 cm)

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