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14 U.S. scholars too produced a translation of the Rosetta Stone

MORTON, Henry and Others (ed.)

Report of the Committee appointed by the Philomathean Society of the
University of Pennsylvania to translate the inscription on the Rosetta Stone

2nd ed. [Philadelphia, 1859.]


 This report was produced by a committee formed at the University of Pennsylvania to translate the Rosetta Stone into English using a copy of the stone presented to the university in 1855. The Rosetta Stone was first successfully deciphered in 1822 by the French philologist Jean-François Champollion and others. Work on producing an English translation was then commenced by this committee, whose members included the editor of this report and later first president of the Stevens Institute of Technology, Henry Morton.
 The committee's members and other scholars who were involved in translating and deciphering the text are listed at the end of this book. The text of the report itself is written almost entirely in cursive script,and the many beautifully embellished pages add to the Egyptian feel.
 The report in this collection was published in 1859, one year after the first edition.
                              (23×21cm )

 所蔵情報 (蔵書検索書誌詳細画面)


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