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12 Papyrus used as a recording medium from c. 3000 BC


[ca.8-11 cent.]



 The papyrus seen by many of Napoleon's Egyptian expeditionary force is a large perennial member of the Cyperaceae family that flourished in the Nile. Its scientific name is Cyperus papyrus. Papyrus was first used for writing on by the inhabitants of Egypt, and its use was inherited and improved upon by the civilization of ancient Egypt. Its origins may be traced back three millennia before Christ. The papyrus used for writing began to be mass produced from this time by opening out the stems, which were then interlaced into stripes that were dried and starched. It was used in countries and regions around the Mediterranean coast, and it was still used as a recording medium by the Curia Romana until the middle of the 11th century. The papyrus in this collection is thought to date from sometime between the 8th and 11th centuries.
 The words for paper in European languages are said to derive from papyrus.
                            (frame 45×37cm)


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