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des do anno de 1549 ate` o de 1589
Companhia de Iesus
Evora : 1598
エボラ版 『日本イエズス会書簡集』

  「エボラ版」 と呼ばれ、 「コインブラ版」 と同様、 極めて貴重なイエズス会の書簡集である。 本書は、 天正少年使節の一行がポルトガルのエボラ地でドン・テオトーニオ・デ・ブラガンサ大司教 (1530-1602) に会った際、 大司教がいたく感動して出版費を負担し1549〜89年までの日本発信の書簡や年報を刊行したものである。 この書簡集は2巻から成るものと本書のように合本されて1巻にまとめたものとの2種類ある。

  It was in the year 1549 that the celebrated St. Francis Xavier first set foot in Japan. During the ensuing century countless members of the Society of Jesus came in his wake to propagate the Christian religion in this country. It was one of their duties to submit regular accounts of their activities to the headquarters of the order in Rome and to their colleagues in other parts of the globe.

  These accounts, which in the early years included reference to the activities of the order in China as well as in Japan, were despatched at irregular intervals during the years from 1549 to 1579, but thereafter take the form of yearly reports. The complete reports up to the year 1588 were published in two volumes in 1598 at the mandate of Tehotonio de Braganca, Archbishop of Evora. The present volume bears on its spine the dates 1549-1589, but in fact includes all the reports, the two original volumes being bound together.

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