Fascicvlvs e Iapponicis floribvs,
svo adhvc Madentibvs Sangvine
CARDIM, Antonio Francisco
Roma : 1646
カルディン 『日本の花束(日本殉教精華)』

  ポルトガルのエボラの近くに生れたアントニオ・フランシス・カルディンは15才でイエズス会に入り、 アジア各地で布教活動を行った後、 1645年頃に日本管区長に任命された。 本書は全3篇に分れ、 第1篇は書名にあるように、 日本で華々しく殉教した人々を花束に例えてフランシスコ・ザビエル以降の布教史が書かれている。 第2篇は、 殉教者名簿でカルディンが知り得た限りの一般信者の犠牲者が1557年から1640年まで収録されている。 さらに第3篇は1640年のマカオ使節の殉教始末記が書かれている。

  Antonio Francisco Cardim (1596-1659), the Portuguese missionary, was born at Viana do Alentejo in the See of Evora. Joining the Society of Jesus in 1611, he was sent to China seven years later. The following twenty years he spent chiefly in Macao, visiting meantimes several countries of the Far East, including Japan. Appointed to the post of procurator of his province in Rome, he published the present work there in 1646. His first important published work, La mort glorieuse de soixante et un chre´tiens de Macao, decapites pour la confession de la foi a Nagasaki, appeared at Lille in 1613. Among his other writings on Japan is Relazione della Provincia del Giappone, published at Rome in 1645.
  The present work, which treats of the early Christian martyrs in Japan, was compiled during the author's first period of residence in Macao in or about the year 1635. In it the author compares the glorious martyred to a bunch of flowers, the title-page bearing the inscription "Qui legitis flores, hos legite; sic quoniam positi suaves miscentur odores." At the end of the volume is a list of all those who gave up their lives for the sake of their faith during the years 1557-1640.

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