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The Ogres of Oyeyama

English ed. 1891(Meiji 24) Catalogue No. 36
French ed. 1913(Taisho 2) Catalogue No. 123
訳者:ジェイムズ夫人(Translator : Mrs.T.H. James)
絵師:不明(Illustrator : anonymous)
■ あらすじ 
Outline of this story
 The warrior Minamoto-no-Raiko was ordered by the Emperor to rescue people who had been captured by the ogres on Oyeyama Hill and to vanquish the ogres. He organized and headed a band consisting only of Watanabe-no-Tsuna and his three comrades. Tsuna had let Shutendoji, the chief of the ogres, slip out of his hands at Rashomon, and was waiting for another chance to capture him. The five set out for Oyeyama Hill. From an old man they met on the steep path through the hills, they received helmets, swords, Sakai wine (i.e., sake), and a sleeping drug. Taking his advice, they disguised themselves as mountain hermits and got into the ogres' castle. At a feast hosted by Shutendoji, Raiko enlivened the festivities with his dance, and took advantage of the unguarded moment to slip the sleeping drug into the grog the ogres were drinking. When Shutendoji and his henchmen fell to sleep with loud snores, he and his men slew them and freed their captives. They then buried, with great care, the bones of the people who had been gobbled up by the ogres, and set fire to the castle. Thanks to their feats, peace returned to the capital, and Raiko and his men were handsomely rewarded.
 This is the most famous of the tales about the ogres who dwell on Oyeyama Hill, and is found in many anthologies. The prevailing theory is that the hill in the tale is that of the same name in the northern part of the Tanba district of Kyoto Prefecture, but some think it refers to Oeyama, a hill in the Nishikyo area of Kyoto City. Mrs. T.H. James made this translation as a sequel to The Ogre's Arm which is outlined in the preface.