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The Ogre's Arm

English ed. 1932(Showa 7) Catalogue No. 34


French ed. 1913(Taisho 2) Catalogue No. 122
Spanish ed. 1914(Taisho 3) Catalogue No. 170


訳者:ジェイムズ夫人(Translator : Kate James)
絵師:不明(Illustrator : anonymous)

■ あらすじ 
Outline of this story
 Watanabe-no-Tsuna, one of the four followers of Minamoto-no-Raiko, heard that the ogres dwelling on Oyeyama Hill had slipped into the city of Kyoto from Rashomon and were making a lot of mischief. When he went to Rashomon himself, Tsuna was attacked by Shutendoji, the chief of the ogres. In the fight, he cut off one of the arms of Shutendoji, who, however, managed to escape. After consulting Abe-no-Seimei, a court wizard, he put the severed arm in a strong stone chest, keeping it locked up for seven days. But on the night of the seventh day, an old woman claiming to be Tsuna's aunt came to his door and begged him to show her the ogre's arm. When Tsuna granted her wish and opened the chest, the woman grabbed the arm, instantly turned into an ogre, and ran for Oyeyama Hill. Tsuna told the story to Raiko, and vowed to march to Oyeyama Hill and vanquish the ogres there someday.
 This epic tale is also taken up in "Noh chants" written by Nobumitsu Kanze and in picture scrolls. In the common version, the ogre whose arm is severed is Ibarakidoji, one of Shutendoji's underlings, and the Rashomon episode follows the conquest of Oyeyama Hill. Mrs. T.H. James reversed the order of these two incidents in her translation, and was followed by the French and the Spanish translations prepared from her English.