A Guide to the University Library


Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Library and Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages Library consist of a central library known as the Main Library, and an Asia Library known as the Branch.

The books held in this library span a wide range of languages offered as subjects for specialist study within the university − including English, Spanish, French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese − as well as Russian, Italian, Dutch, Arabic and others. The structure of the collection is designed to reflect the academic curriculum as closely as possible, including literature, history, the arts and social sciences.

The library also holds many rare and antiquarian books forming a mine of cultural information relating to the areas mentioned above, and has amassed a number of special collections accessible for the advancement of education and research both within the university and beyond.

The university library thus provides a support system for study and research on many different aspects of each country or region.

The library today

(As of March 31, 2015)


Books in Japanese and Chinese:268,312 volumes
Books in Western languages:294,095 volumes
Other materials: 17,648 items
Total number of volumes:580,055

Academic journals

Journals published in Japan:  2,640
Journals published overseas:  1,438
Total number of journals:  4,078

Unity between the university curriculum and the library stock

Every year, the university library ensures unity between the academic curriculum and the library stock by promptly purchasing the books on the reading lists drawn up by the lecturers. These lists are published by the Department of Educational Affairs at the start of the year in the "Kogi Gaiyo" for the University, the Junior College, the Post Graduate Diploma Course and the Graduate Schools. Thanks to the co-operation between the library staff and the academic staff, a well-organized acquisition system has been set in place to ensure that books relating to each course are collected by the library.

The Library's Main Activities

1. Publication activities

The library edits and publishes a range of material including catalogues of special collections and proceedings of symposia and lecture meetings held at the library. The "Gaidai Bibliotheca" - the library's own journal - is also issued four or five times a year.

Main publications "GAIDAI BIBLIOTHECA"

2. Exhibitions

Exhibitions of antiquarian books featuring carefully-selected rare volumes are held on a regular annual basis. These have been highly acclaimed by visitors from beyond the academic community as well as by students and academic staff.

History of exhibitions of antiquarian books

3. International exchange agreements

In the decade-and-a-half since 1985, we have been operating a library exchange program with Shanghai Foreign Language University Library. This program has involved exchanges of personnel and materials. We also carry out exchanges of library stock with schools participating in our international exchange scheme.

International exchange agreements

4. Symposia

Since 1986, we have hosted the International Symposium on Academic Librarianship in the 21st Century nine times in three periods.

International Symposium on Academic
Librarianship in the 21st Century