Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

2018 April, Newly Established Faculty of Global Engagement
  • The Department of Global Studies
  • The Department of Global Tourism

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A New Faculty for the Ever-Changing World and its Future.
With the progression of globalization, we are entering an era in which people, goods and currency will all freely pass through international borders. Our new academic faculty, the "Faculty of Global Engagement", will equip you with the skills needed to succeed in this society. The main pillars of education within this Faculty are languages, liberal arts, and community engagement. Thanks to their well-developed ability to take action after analyzing both economic and social standpoints, graduates from the Faculty will be able to find solutions to a range of issues brought about by globalization.
What does 'Globalization' do to the world?

The Department of Global Studies

Even if people say that "the world is becoming globalized", it is probably difficult to imagine just what the world is actually like. Here we will introduce to you what a globalized world looks like through movements in society. Now, let's think about a new world opened by globalization, as well as any problems we may face.

Globalization will make travelling and sight-seeing even more enjoyable

The Department of Global Tourism

In a globalized society, things and information spread unhindered by different countries and cultures. Put in an extreme way, we are approaching a world in which people all use the same smartphones and eat at the same restaurants. In a world like that, unique things which cannot be spread will hold value. For example, foods or things that can only be found in certain areas. The future will bring with it even more people who want to experience such things.

Faculty of global engagement