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Department of GLOBAL TOURISM

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We develop professionals not only capable of working in existing tourism industries such as the travel, hotel, and airline industries, but also able to promote tourism as a form of multicultural exchange. You will gain an understanding of contemporary tourism issues from a global perspective, through studying an array of subjects that includes tourism, statistics, policy science, and environmental studies. From your second year, you can choose one of two courses: the "Tourism Policy Course," in which you will study tourism as a form of cultural policy, and the "Tourism Business Course," in which you will engage in the tourism business in a wide assortment of fields.

Department of Global Tourism

  • 1Learn about new tourism industries as a form of multicultural exchange

    One characteristic of this department is its attempt to redefine the concept of tourism in the broader scope of multicultural exchange. Toward that end, in addition to studying traditional tourism industries such as the travel, hotel, and airline industries, you will also learn about how tourism should function as an experience or opportunity for exchange, such as in food tourism, spiritual tourism, and sports tourism. You will create new value in the tourism industry from several angles, such as tourism that communicates the fascination of Japan to the world, and tourism that serves as a methodology for regional development.

  • 2Fieldwork that utilizes Kyoto’s advantageous standing

    Our university is located in Kyoto, an international city of culture and tourism. In addition to studying Community Engagement (a required subject within the faculty), you will conduct fieldwork and volunteer activities focusing on Kyoto. Our university is home to a student group that provides volunteer guides for foreign tourists to Japan, and we have a long history of working within Kyoto. With the streets of Kyoto as your classroom, you will gain the knowledge required to support your activities through studying such subjects as “History of Kyoto,” “Learning About Kyoto Products and Concepts,” and “Tourism Survey & Research Methods.”


  • The Language Center helps students improve their Japanese language skills

    The Language Center provides support for students who want to improve their Japanese and English language abilities. The Center provides consultation on a wide range of topics, such as preparatory education after passing exams but prior to enrollment, conversational Japanese language lectures after enrollment (separated by level and ability), and lectures meant to improve students' Japanese and English language skills.

Target careers
  • Tourism-related institutions
  • Government and public office
  • Regional government
  • International institutions such as the World Tourism Organization
  • Environmentally-conscious global enterprises
  • Journalism

We develop professionals capable of establishing tourism businesses in companies found in a wide range of fields, including traditional tourism industries, such as travel agents, hotels, airline companies, and hospitality enterprises. A range of business conditions are being developed including food tourism, eco/green tourism, spiritual tourism, and sports tourism, and the demand for professionals who have studied tourism continues to grow. Employment in administrative agencies and in NPOs / NGOs involved in regional or town development will also serve as important careers for graduates.

Department of Global Tourism curriculum


* These are just a few of our professors.

    Kyoto Introduction-Methods
    Communication Skills for Tourism
    Destination Kyoto
  • Sachiko KAWAKAMI
    Sachiko KAWAKAMI
    Glocal Regional Research
    Multilingual Tourism Theory
    Ethnic Tourism
  • Kazuki HARA
    Kazuki HARA
    Introduction to Global Tourism
    Spiritual Tourism
    Contents Tourism
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