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Department of GLOBAL STUDIES

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With globalization now having an effect on our lives, a range of new issues have appeared in a variety of fields. The purpose of this department is to develop professionals equipped with a global perspective, advanced language skills, and broad education—the attributes of a person who can deal with these issues. From your second year, you can choose one of two courses: the “International Cooperation Course,” in which you will gain knowledge related to world peace and learn skills required to solve global problems, and the “Global Business Course,” in which you will learn skills to contribute to society through business.

Department of GLOBAL STUDIES

  • 1Possible to graduate solely through courses conducted in English

    We offer a range of courses to study specialized subjects in English. Through studying subjects such as political science and economics in English, you will learn about how to solve problems on a global scale. It is possible to graduate through courses solely taught in English, or to combine Japanese and English courses. This curriculum combines knowledge in the humanities (such as intercultural understanding) together with knowledge in the social sciences (such as international relations and business administration). This will allow you to establish a background for success on a global scale.

  • 2Four years spent collaborating with students from a variety of countries

    Our university constantly hosts international students from countries all over the world. Our multicultural campus serves as a location of daily cultural exchange with Japanese students. In the Department of Global Studies, international students and Japanese students study together for four years. Students participate in group work and discussion as they utilize advanced English during classes. Our campus is a truly diverse learning environment.

  • Institute for Japan Studies

    The Institute for Japan Studies is a unique framework that crosses faculty and department lines, in which students take a multifaceted and interdisciplinary approach to learning about the unique societies, systems, and cultures of Japan. High quality lessons are conducted in English based on the education and training results of the Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of Japanese Studies (in which students learn about Japanese politics, economics, history, and culture), providing Japanese students and international students an opportunity to study together.

Target careers
  • International institutions, such as the United Nations or World Bank
  • Government and public office
  • Regional government
  • Global enterprises
  • Journalism

You can anticipate a broad range of careers that require advanced language skills. Most students who have polished their business skills (such as business administration, economics, and organization theory) will likely go on to fill positions in global enterprises in a variety of fields. Students who have studied subjects such as political science and international relations will likely find positions in administrative agencies or NPOs / NGOs, or will continue on to graduate school and aim for careers in international institutions. Meanwhile, students who have gained experience working and studying overseas should be adept at working overseas.

Department of Global Studies curriculum


* These are just a few of our professors.

    Introduction to Law
    Global Justice
    Global Negotiation
  • Kumiko NEMOTO
    Kumiko NEMOTO
    Gender and Society
    International Labor
    Topics on Labor and Management
  • Takaaki MIYAGUCHI
    Takaaki MIYAGUCHI
    Model United Nations
    International Development Cooperation
    Environmental Policy
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT You will learn from failures, because you are truly challenging yourself. プログラムの詳細はこちら