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12 : from Clombia
Name : Ai and Tomoyo
We would like to change our clauses.

1. Calls on all developing countries to set the minimum age for light work with parents at no lower than 8, and to set the minimum age for work without parents at 12 by 2018;

2. Calls on all developing countries to create a system that requires all employers to be licensed by the government to employ children in safe condition.

Thank you.
14/06/2012 (Thu) 22:14:34

11 : Bolivia: Suggestions for the resolution
Name : Yuki, Takako
These are our suggestions for the resolution.

-Strongly demand in each country to resarch and recognize the currrent situation of the child labour
-Requires UNICEF to create an organization which assesses to what extent Convention on the Rights of the Child is applied to current situation of child labour in each country
-Allow the children to leave when they want to
-Regulate the trafficking of the child laborers across international borders and domestically
-Demand the government protect the rights of orphans

Thank you!
13/06/2012 (Wed) 21:10:05

10 : Clauses from Brazil
Name : Yuto, Fumiya
Hi. We are the delegates of Brazil. There are some resolutions.

1,Provides working children with financial aid.
2,Realizes that children can access to education continuously.
13/06/2012 (Wed) 17:21:18

9 : Resolution
Name : Aya & Shoko

Hello, we are from Mexico.
These are our resolutions.

1. Requests all countries to revise their Juvenile law so that children can get appropriate punishment when they commit a crime.

2. Demands all countries to enforce their laws on using children for crime and hazardous labor.

13/06/2012 (Wed) 16:13:00

8 : Announcement from bloc leaders
Name : Takako, Yuki
Thank you for your suggestions for clauses, Columbia and Cuba.
That sounds great! For those who havenft posted, please use them as a reference.

We have some announcements.
1. Please post your suggestions for clauses here by June 13th. You need to post at least two suggestions per group.
2. The first day of MUN will be a bloc meeting. On that day, we are going to make resolutions based on the suggestions you posted. The first session of the meeting when you present your ideas, you will have to speak English. Please be prepared.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask us on the BBS.
Thank you!
11/06/2012 (Mon) 11:07:33

7 : Republic of Cuba
Hello. We are the Republic of Cuba. These are the suggestions that we want to suggest.

Calls on Latin American countries to calculate the amount of time that each family / children can work based on the income of each person in 2 years.

Requires all companies in the world to allow children to be able to leave freely from child labor.

Demands all companies in the world that they must pay appropriate remuneration based on each companyfs income in 3 years.

Requests all employers to explain fully about the job; children, and parents must accept the condition.

Thank you
09/06/2012 (Sat) 11:22:09

6 : Resolution clause idea from Colombia
Name : Ai and Tomoyo
Hello, wefre Ai and Tomoyo again.
We are sorry to have missed saying that wefre from Kyoto Gaidai Nishi.

Here are our clauses.

1. Calls on all developing countries to set the minimum age for light work with parents at no lower than 8, and to set the minimum age for work without parents at 12 by 2018;

2. Calls on all developing countries to make punishment for cruel owners including heavy fines and prison term by 2015, who continue to exploit children;
08/06/2012 (Fri) 22:06:02

5 : Hello!!
Name : Ai and Tomoyo
Hello, wefre delegates of Colombia.

We want your opinion to make clauses.
We think child labor means dangerous work, long hours, abusive and low pay without parents. However, child work is not dangerous, shorter hours, fair pay and with parents. Children can also go to school.
We need to make guidelines for child work. The most important thing is about the age. Children shouldnft work under the age of 8. From 8 to 12, they can do light work with their parents after school. 12 to 15, they can work without parents, but they must come back home every night. The best situation is for children to go to school. In very poor countries, they can go to school and work. Local group should work together to create plans for children to work and go to school.

What do you think about these conditions regarding childrenfs age?
Please answer as soon as possible : )
06/06/2012 (Wed) 21:56:26

4 : Venezuela

We are Kosuke and Natsuki from Ritsumeikan Uji High School.
We are the deligates of Venezuela.

I am looking forward to meet you and I hope to have good discussion with you!

Thank you
05/06/2012 (Tue) 21:42:53

3 : Colombia
Name : Ai and Tomoyo
Hello everyone. We are Ai and Tomoyo representing Colombia.
We hope we will have a great time at MUN together.

Our resolution is going to be made soon and we will post it here later.

Thank you.
04/06/2012 (Mon) 22:51:50

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