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18 : Resolution from Sweden
Name : Rikiya and Fumika
Sorry for late posting.

There are 2 resolutions.

1.Constructs a facility to rehabilitate child solider,and employ capable phychologists to give them a counseling.

2.Looks for their real parents,and give then good education for nothing.
14/06/2012 (Thu) 21:28:02

17 : USAfs Resolustion
Name : Kenichiro, Mizuki
sorry for posting resolution late

1. Calls for counseling for all former child soldiers so to know what kind of tretment that child needs and hear ehat kind of experience child had in the army;

2. Calls for all the developed countries to have a campaign and raise awareness of rehabilitation and reintegration;

3. Urges UNICEF to teach families how to treat and rear children so that children wonft feel uncomfortable living with family;
13/06/2012 (Wed) 21:30:00

16 : Resolution of United Kingdom
Name : Jaewon Seol, Yuka Ohno, Marino Nagasawa
Our resolutions

1. Make a program of education for young children and vocational training for jobs for high schoolers, including night classes if they want.

2. Also make the psychological programs to cure their minds.
13/06/2012 (Wed) 17:54:36

15 : Spain resplution
1. Calls on developed countries to raise the fees for building hospital and the treatments for child soldiers who are injured or need to get out of drug addiction and we propose that we will send doctors to the hospital.

2. Suggest all nations to make a worldwide law that prohibits child soldiers.

3. Calls on all nations to accept the children soldiers into their countries.
13/06/2012 (Wed) 14:01:25

14 : Resolution from Russian Federation
Dqz@ruu!iGood evening!j

We are Ryosuke Takashima and Yukihiro Murata from Nada High School representing Russian Federation.
Sorry for late posting. We misunderstood our topic and we didnft notice it until recentlyc

These are 2 of our resolutions.

1. Calls on all nations to provide capital for UNICEF and NGO doing the rehabilitation activity.

2. Appeals to all countries to more ratify and sign "Geneva Convention" and "Convention on the Rights of the Child", and aims to prohibit child soldier and to create an environment which demobilized child soldiers can return at their ease.

There are the reasons for our resolution.

1. Itfs UNICEF and local NGO that really do activity at the spot. Without their activities, our discussion may be just an armchair theory. To prevent that situation, the UN hopes to support financially as much they can.

2. "Convention on the Rights of the Child" defined a child as "every human being below the age of 18 years", but declared that "States Parties shall refrain from recruiting any person who has not attained the age of 15 years into their armed forces." This is a problem in that children can recruit into armies. In 2002, the UN prohibited any countries from recruiting children who has not attained the age of 18 years into armies through "Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict". However, only 96 countries ratified it.

So, the UN asks all countries for cooperation in order to increase the number of the countries ratified it. And, the UN tried for people to be interested in child soldiers and small-sized weapons through campaign in order to evoke public opinion and to start a movement.
12/06/2012 (Tue) 23:30:32

13 : resolutions from Norway
Hello everyone. We are Reika and Haruka, the delegates of Norway from Senri International School.
These are three of our resolutions.
1.Urges the developed countries and major pharmaceutical countries to dispatch doctors and nurses to the all area with demobilized child soldiers and give immediate treatment for any physical injury of former child soldiers equally;
2.Encourages special education focused on learning communication skills, culture and peace for demobilized child soldiers in small groups by trained teachers;
3.Calls for the treatment care for a mental disorder, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), of demobilized child soldiers by specialists in the long run;
11/06/2012 (Mon) 22:09:06

12 : German Resolution
Name : Tsuyoshi Muakami and Rizen Yamauchi
1. Urges all governments to fund the fees for constructing hospitals and the treatments for child soldiers who are injured and/or is subject to a case of schizophrenia by 2017.

2. Calls on all States Parties to take all feasible measures to ensure that members of their armed forces who have not attained the age of 18 years do not take a direct part in hostilities by 2015.

3. Calls on all States Parties to ensure that persons who have not attained the age of 18 years are not compulsorily recruited into their armed forces by 2015.
11/06/2012 (Mon) 18:05:12

11 : Salut :):)
Name : group leader: Eri Inoue, supporter: Haruka Negoro
We are delegates of France. We have some resolutions for rehabilitation and reintegration of child soldiers. We post three of them and we want to introduce other ideas in day1.

1. Calls upon United Nations to support NYPAW to give a hope for demobilized child soldiers;
2. Recommends to build a home for demobilized child soldiers and give them the choices of the activity what they want, for example painting, craft or music;
3. Urges to build more interim schools for children who have never gone to school for 3 months then put them into normal school.

We have 3 more days to post your resolutions on this BBS so please work more hard!
11/06/2012 (Mon) 14:11:43

10 : Good afternoon from Sweden
Name : Rikiya and Fumika
Hello, We are delegates of sweden.
I am Rikiya and Fumika.
We do not speak English well so,@we do not have confidence but, we will do our best . Thank you.
08/06/2012 (Fri) 14:54:23

9 : Hola from Spain
We are Yuto, Hiroki and Yuta from Ritsumeikan Uji Senior School representing Spain. We try our best.

We are looking forward to seeing you at MUN.
08/06/2012 (Fri) 11:39:57

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