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26 : Sorry for the wrong post
Name : Chiaki,Ayaka and kumi
We posted to wrong commission and really sorry for that.
Please don’t care about our resolution clauses.
16/06/2012 (Sat) 09:59:51

25 : Resolutions Clauses
Name : Misa Morishima and Baba
Hallo. We are the delegates of Raos from Nishiyamato High School.
These are our operative clauses.

1. In developing countries, there are many children in poverty who go to school from long distance. So we request to recommend support for school lunch and be supported it by developing countries.

2. It is difficult to build facilities for education in every village because there are many farm villages in the countries. So we suggest to establish mobile library and school.

Thank you.
14/06/2012 (Thu) 21:31:14

24 : The resolution clauses
Name : Shodai and Atsuki
Hello, delegates.

We are delegate of Turkey from nishiyamato high school.

here is our clauses.

1, Reqests to engage technology children help employmentin all countries that reqests to call the technican requests

2, Recommends efforts to fund from the United Nations to strengthening local teachers and schoolgirls environmental improvement.

We are looking forward to see you at the MUN meeting.
Thank you.
14/06/2012 (Thu) 21:31:00

23 : Philippines again
Name : Masaya, Momoko, Yuki
Hi, this is the Philippines again.

We made a mistake in our previous message.
Please disregard our last clause, starting by "Call on the UN..."
So our clauses are just two then.

Sorry about it;(
Thank you
14/06/2012 (Thu) 16:01:35

22 : The resolution clauses
Name : Daichi and Yuki
Hello delegates.
we are the delegate of India from Senri International School of Kwansei Gakuin.

Here are our clauses.

Calls upon all member states to ratify the CRC and carry out it and make a law which includes reducing elementary school fees.

Encourages the residents of all countries to know and consider the seriousness of the child labor problem by
a. holding a fundrasing concert.
b. using TV and redio or some medias.

Emphasizes the need for the government to provede free and accessible education and
a. dispatch tutors to places that have child labor and just teach literacy and
b. establish mobile libraries so every child has access to books.

We are looking forward to see you at the MUN meeting!
Thank you.
14/06/2012 (Thu) 15:56:48

21 : Resolutions Clauses
Hello, everyone.
We are the delegates of China from Ritsumeikan High School, and also we are the Bloc leaders of Bloc Asia.

Here are our operative clauses to share.

Urges national and rural governments to adopt policies that encourage and fund education.

Calls on developing countries to allot at least 4% of their GDP’s to educational investment by 2020.

Requests that nations establish tax-funded systems, such as scholarships and work-study programs, by 2015 in order allow the less privileged to have access to higher education.

Reinforces the educational institutions in countries that have the issues of child soldier.

Asks developed countries to provide military support to stamp out wars, in order to reduce child soldiers.

Ask developed countries to provide financial aid for the education and the rehabilitation for child soldiers.

Thank you,
and we are really amazed all you have many vivid ideas.
We are looking for seeing all of you on 21st.
13/06/2012 (Wed) 21:59:38

20 : Resolution Clause
Name : Fuma and Sho
Hello.We`re the delegates of Pakistan from Ritsumeikan High School.
These are our operative clauses.

1. Calls on all developed countries to focus their aid.
  a. assist in bringing women teachers to this country.
  b. help make the environment easier for those girls in Pakistan to go to school.

2. Requests that developed countries particularly Muslim countries- help spread the importance of education for women and girls,especially in developing Muslim countries.
Thank you.

13/06/2012 (Wed) 17:12:23

19 : Representatives from Philippines
Name : Masaya Kashino, Momoko Noda, Yuki Kawashima
Hey guys, we are delegates of the Philippines.
We’ll briefly explain our clauses.

Collect more money and school equipment from developed countries.

Hire more female teachers so that girls feel less stress to going school.

Call on the UN to raise money and build secured school facility.

We are all looking forward to see you week later.
13/06/2012 (Wed) 16:24:44

18 : Resolution clauses
Name : Misato and Yuki
Hello! We are the delegates of Bangladesh from Ritsumeikan Uji High School and these are our operative clauses.

Calls on the government or NGO to support not only school fees but materials such as texts and basic stationary.

Calls on every country to make efforts to increase the number of teachers in developing countries in rural areas.

Thank you.
13/06/2012 (Wed) 16:10:07

17 : Salaam from Afghanistan, we are from Rits Uji
Hello. We are representing Afghanistan. These are our operative clauses:

Strongly demands that Pakistan make a better effort in policing the border areas between our to countries so as to decrease the number of foreign insurgents entering Afghanistan and kids can be safe.

Calls on all member countries to raise their level of donations to UNICEF so that a school lunch program can reach into the poorest regions of Afghanistan.

Recommends that the UN aid groups focus more on schools in village and towns rather than in large cities.

Calls on in country NGO`s to raise staffing levels so that more work can be done in the poorer areas of the country.

Thank you.

13/06/2012 (Wed) 13:12:56

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