The aim of NET-GTAS, the Network of Translators for the Globalization of the Testimonies of Atomic Bomb Survivors, is to express and diffuse the experiences of Atomic-Bomb victims through video interviews with the survivors. In order to overcome the language barriers, as most survivors speak only Japanese, the interviews are being translated into as many different languages as possible by NET-GTAS volunteers.
Thirteen professors from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, the University of Tsukuba and Yokohama National University formed the nucleus of this project and subsequently, in January 2014, we established NET-GTAS thanks to an expanded co-operation of regular members and supporters comprised of professors and translators involved in language education.
Since 2014, NET-GTAS has been started to work on translating the video interviews of Atomic-Bomb survivors produced by the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims (http://www.hiro-tsuitokinenkan.go.jp) into English, Chinese, Korean, German and French. The interviews will be posted on the HP of our internet site Global Network HP (http://www.global-peace.go.jp), which is produced with the National Peace Memorial Hall for Atomic Bomb Victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
NET-GTAS is working on not only translating, but also University seminars, which is included various fields such as linguistics, pedagogy and sociology related to the project, and collecting the documents and the other materials on the study of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
This project has started with 40 members (including office members) and currently, (February 2017) it has more than 160 participants in total : approximately 70 from overseas and 90 Japanese. The office (net-gtas@kufs.ac.jp) is located at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. NET-GTAS has been supported to develop our by a lot of supporters who are young researchers and students.

The Office of NET-GTAS
Address: 615-8558, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, International Research Institute for Studies in Language and Peace, Saiin Kasame-cho 6, Ukyou-ku, Kyoto
Phone: 075-322-6054 (ext.6755), From overseas: +81-75-322-6054
Email: net-gtas@kufs.ac.jp
Open: Monday~Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Representative: Kunihiko NAGATANI

2019/02/21 16:00:00 English Guide in Hiroshima (京都外大×盈進ヒューマンライツ部)

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English Guide in Hiroshima(京都外大×盈進ヒューマンライツ部)

5 students from KUFS joined "English Guide in Hiroshima"
by Human Rights Club of Eishin Junior and High School.

[English Guide in Hiroshima with KUFS People]
2月2日 広島平和記念公園めぐり
2月3日 鞆の浦めぐり

 2月2~3日の二日間、広島の盈進中学高校ヒューマンライツ部の主催した、English Guide in Hiroshimaに参加しました。ヒューマンライツ部と京都外大、NET-GTASは以前から共同イベントを通してつながりがあり、今回も京都外大の留学生を招いて盈進の生徒が広島をガイドするという共同イベントでした。盈進の生徒と職員は合わせて約20人、京都外大はイギリス、カナダ、中国からの留学生と私の5人が参加。一グループ1、2人の留学生に5~6人の生徒で3つのグループに分かれ、英語でガイドが行われました。


       平和公園 慰霊碑横               相生(あいおい)橋にて


      「鞆の浦」観光                ホロコースト記念館にて       


        巨大折り鶴づくり                最後に記念写真       


            (阿比留 高広 NET-GTASサポーター) 

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