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2023/05/05 15:40:00 フランスの出版物でハーキンソン先生の教授法がとりあげられました!

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Professeur Eric Hawkinson mis en avant dans "La collection numérique + mot clé « virtuel »"

Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que le Professeur Eric Hawkinson, un futuriste de l'apprentissage et un innovateur dans la technologie immersive, a été mis en avant dans "La collection numérique + mot clé « virtuel »". Cette publication française explore le monde virtuel sous toutes ses formes et met en lumière les ressources inédites, les expériences improbables et les espoirs qui s'ouvrent aux universités et au-delà. Eric est connu pour ses projets innovants, qui ont inclus des rallyes touristiques augmentés, des expositions d'art communautaires en AR, des escape rooms en réalité mixte et d'autres expériences technologiques immersives.

L'article de la publication française met l'accent sur le projet d'Eric, intitulé "My Hometown". Il s'agit d'une plateforme qui emmène les étudiants dans des voyages virtuels et des échanges culturels d'une richesse rare. Ce projet vise à engager les étudiants dans des échanges interculturels et à promouvoir une plus grande empathie et une vision plus large du monde. La mise en avant d'Eric dans cette publication française est une reconnaissance de sa contribution à la technologie immersive et à l'éducation. C'est une première publication en français pour Eric, qui continue d'être un leader dans le domaine de l'apprentissage et de la technologie immersive.

Nous sommes fiers d'avoir Eric comme membre de notre faculté à l'Université de Kyoto pour les Études Étrangères et nous le félicitons pour cette reconnaissance méritée de son travail remarquable.

フランスの出版物「La collection numérique + キーワード「virtual」」にてエリック・ハーキンソン教授が紹介される

エリック・ハーキンソン教授が、フランスの出版物である「La collection numérique + キーワード「virtual」」において紹介されました!この出版物は、仮想世界のありとあらゆる形態を探求し、大学をはじめとする教育機関などでの活用方法や、新たな可能性を紹介しています。エリック教授は、拡張現実を活用した観光ツアー、ARを用いたコミュニティアート展示、ミックスリアリティエスケープルームなど、革新的なプロジェクトで知られています。


Professor Eric Hawkinson Featured in "La collection numérique + keyword 'virtual'"

We are pleased to announce that Professor Eric Hawkinson, a learning futurist and innovator in immersive technology, has been featured in "La collection numérique + keyword 'virtual'". This French publication explores the virtual world in all its forms and highlights new resources, unlikely experiences, and hopes related to universities and beyond. Eric is known for his innovative projects, which have included augmented tourism rallies, AR community art exhibits, mixed reality escape rooms, and other immersive technology experiences. The article in the French publication focuses on Eric's "My Hometown" project, a platform that takes students on virtual journeys and cultural exchanges of rare richness. This project is designed to engage students in intercultural exchange and understanding, promoting greater empathy and a broader perspective of the world.

Eric's feature in this French publication is a recognition of his contribution to immersive technology and education. This is Eric's first publication in French, and he continues to be a leader in the field of learning and immersive technology.

2023/05/01 22:20:00 キャリアを考える合同授業をおこないました!

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Hello everyone! It's Golden Week. KUFS will l be closed for classes on the 1st and 2nd this week, so many of you may be going back home or traveling. Have a nice holiday and tell us about it when you come back to school!

Well, last week, for two consecutive days, Mr. Hino and Mr. Chiba, staff members of the on-campus career center, visited us and first-year, second-year, and third-year students, respectively, had a special class to think about their futute careers!

The students worked on their own image of who they want to be in five years and how they plan to spend their student life to achieve this image. They also shared their ideas with each other. In addition, third-year students preparing for job hunting experienced the roles of moderator, timekeeper, secretary, and presenter in a discussion simulating a group interview. The guidance was based on the experience of a long-time human resources manager at a company, and allowed the students to think about their careers independently.

Kyoto Gaidai's Career Center is a place for all students. Please visit them on the 2nd floor of Building No. 4, no matter what grade you are in!

  • 特別授業の様子
  • グループワークに取り組みました!

2023/04/24 10:10:00 Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Unveils Groundbreaking Immersive Learning Laboratory

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The Faculty of Global Engagement at the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (KUFS) recently unveiled a cutting-edge immersive learning laboratory, marking a significant milestone in the integration of AR/VR/AI technology in education. The event brought together leading immersive learning researchers from Japan and Asia, as well as prospective students eager to explore the potential of these emerging technologies.

The most striking feature of the lab is the innovative immersive shared VR space known as the 'U Theatre,' designed to enable groups to collectively participate in virtual experiences. The U Theatre was developed with the support of the Department of Global Tourism and the IT Support Staff, including the invaluable contributions of Manabu Nakahara. The brainchild of Professor Eric Hawkinson, the U Theatre will be utilized by students to present virtual tours they have developed as part of the 'My Hometown Project.'

The 'My Hometown Project' is designed to provide vocational training for tourism students and teach new media design skills for future careers. The aim is to empower learners with hands-on experience and industry-relevant expertise, while fostering a learning environment that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and innovation. In addition to the U Theatre, Professor Hawkinson has developed an augmented reality application tailored for the immersive learning laboratory. This tool enables students and researchers to rapidly prototype augmented reality experiences, fostering experimentation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AR technology. The immersive learning laboratory is expected to host numerous events and workshops related to the application of AR and VR technologies in education. Keep an eye out for announcements about future events, as the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies continues to lead the way in advancing immersive learning experiences.

The Faculty of Global Engagement at the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies has taken a significant step towards redefining the educational landscape with the introduction of the immersive learning laboratory. The U Theatre, 'My Hometown Project,' and augmented reality rapid prototyping tool collectively demonstrate the immense potential of AR/VR/AI technology in transforming the way we teach and learn. As the university continues to push the boundaries of immersive learning, we eagerly anticipate the groundbreaking innovations that will emerge from this exciting new space.





2023/04/13 23:40:00 新入生学外オリエンテーションを太秦映画村で行いました!

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Hello everyone!

Today, the Department of Global Tourism held an off-campus orientation for freshman students at Toei Kyoto Studio Park. Senior students belonging to an official department organization called "Leaders" led the new students by class, and all seven classes walked from the university, where they met, to the Studio Park.

After arriving at the Studio Park, a veteran staff member who has been working at the Studio for 30 years gave us a briefing on the historical background of the establishment of the Toei Kyoto Studio Park in Uzumasa and the current status of the Studio Park, where animation and special effects, in addition to Japanese traditional samurai dramas, are now the main concepts of the Studio Park.

Afterwards, the participants were divided into groups and deepened their friendship with each other while trying to solve a "riddle quiz". Although the weather was rainy and unpredictable, the students spent free time with their classmates, observing tourism behaviors at a theme park unique to Kyoto.

Thanks to all the new students for their participation! And thank you also to the Toei Kyoto Studio Park, Prof. Murayama and the GT student leaders for organizing the off-campus orientation at the Studio Park as well as to Ms. Chiba in the department office and other GT faculty members.

  • 太秦映画村の時代劇オープンセット
  • クラスごとに親睦を深めました!

2023/02/25 05:50:00 野﨑先生ゼミ活動報告

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Follow our Instagram!!【@meri_for_earth】

こんにちは!私たちは「Estacion Shiga(エスタシオン滋賀)」というグループ名で活動をしており、滋賀の観光PRを Instagramで行っています。Estacionはスペイン語で「季節」を意味し、滋賀の季節毎の情報を届けるという意味を込めています。滋賀の観光客数は若年層が少ない傾向にあり同年代の人たちに滋賀の魅力を知ってもらいたいと思い11月より活動を始めました。先日アカウントのフォロワー数が100名を超え、今後もより一層力を入れて活動していきますのでぜひ気になる方はフォローして頂けると幸いです。
Follow our Instagram!!【@estacion_shiga】


Professor Nozaki's seminar

Hello everyone! Spring break is already here! We are all thinking about going back home, travelling or studying in preparation for the next term. The third-year students of Professor Nozaki’s seminar are continuing their activities in groups during the spring break! How can we incorporate ethical consumption into our daily lives in a fun way...? What is the must-see tourist information in Shiga, especially for young people...? What abouty the Machiya Project organised by the Daimaru Kyoto shop? Please have a look at the activities of the Nozaki Seminar, where all teams works as one focusing on different themes! ↓↓↓

#Meri was founded by five senior students in their fourth year, and three of us third-year students joined as new members last year! Our main activities include spreading information on SDGs and ethical consumption on Instagram, targeting women in their 20s, as well as producing and selling marine accessories made from recycled marine waste (sea glass) under the brand name "#Mering". We also participate in many events, and in February we organised and held a beach clean-up tour organised by #Meri in Nanki-Shirahama! We are a small organisation, but we will work even harder to provide an opportunity for everyone to take small steps towards environmental issues. Please continue to support #Meri!
Follow our Instagram!! @meri_for_earth

Hello! We are a group called Estacion Shiga and we promote Shiga's tourism on Instagram. The number of tourists visiting Shiga tends to be low among young people, so we started this activity in November in order to let people in the same age group know about the attractions of Shiga. Just recently, the number of followers on our account exceeded 100! We will continue to put more effort into our activities in the future, so we would be very grateful if you followed our account.
Follow our Instagram! @estacion_shiga

Product planning with Daimaru Kyoto
We have been working on a project in cooperation with the Daimaru Kyoto department store through a donation course. It is a project that combines a luxury brand with Kyoto culture. Currently, the Daimaru Kyoto department store is focusing on planning events that create memories in the shop, in addition to the usual shopping experiece. We were interested in presenting a luxury brand in a Gion machiya. From the collaboration between the world's luxury brands and Kyoto culture, which makes the most of machiya architecture, we are working to transmit the stories and subtlety of both to our generation. We are expanding our ideas every day towards the realisation of this project, with advice from Daimaru Kyoto. The five of us on the team will do our best to write about the project in detail in the near future!

Photo 1: #Mering, a marine accessory by #Meri
Photo 2: A recent beach clean-up tour in Shirahama
Photo 3: Tourist information about Shiga provided by Estacion

  • #Meriによる海洋アクセサリー「#Mering」
  • 先日行われた白浜でのビーチクリーンツアー
  • Estacionが発信する滋賀の観光情報

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