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2019/01/31 17:30:00 遠山郷エコ・ジオパークフィールドスタディの報告・Tohyamago Field Study Report

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Hello everyone!

A field report written by Ayumi Uratani, first-year student at the Department of Global Tourism, Faculty of Global Engagement, has been published in Koho Iida, the newsletter of Iida City, Nagano (p.9, January 1, 2019). This report was based on the field study that she joined in September 2018 in Tohyamago eco/geo-park.  

本文はこちらからお読みください!Here is the link to her report.


  • 下栗の里
  • 小道木の熊野神社
  • 八重河内の八幡社

2019/01/24 19:10:00 グローバル観光学科・学生広報隊発足!

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Hello everyone!
The semester is over at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.

If you are a college student, you were probably counting down the days until spring break. Have fun with your break!

In the meantime, the Department of Global Tourism proudly announces the establishment of our first student PR group. The group currently consists of 8 student volunteer members and will continue to welcome new members.

We will be delivering the wide array of hot news, fun stories, pictures, and videos available at KUFS Global Tourism Department. Please don't miss it!
  • 学生広報隊のメンバーの一部が集まってハイポーズ!

2018/12/14 05:30:00 Xreading Program 英語多読プログラム

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Today, we are going to talk about an online extensive English reading program called Xreading. The Department of Global Tourism has been using Xreading in our English language education.

First of all, what is extensive reading?
Although many of you might already know this, let me explain for those who are not familiar with it. Extensive reading is a method of foreign language learning which focuses on the reading of a large amount of texts.

In English classes at Japanese universities, it is relatively common to read texts with content that is more challenging than the learners' current level, and learners are expected to study words and grammar before and after classes. On the other hand, under the extensive reading approach, students read for their own pleasure, at a difficulty level at which they can read smoothly without looking up words or translating. Students can evaluate their reading skills by taking comprehension quizzes after reading each book. Also, the number of words in books is accumulated when the students passed the quizzes.

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies has an extensive reading room at the basement of Building 8, but the use of Xreading system enables learners to have access to hundreds of graded readers without going to this library room. Because Xreading is a virtual library, students can have access to all of the graded readers from anywhere, at anytime.

The Department of Global Tourism has adopted this Xreading system, and students study English with goals each semester. The Xreading has already brought some students effective results as follows.
"I read 100,000 words during the spring semester, and my TOEIC score jumped 100. I am planning to reach 200,000 words by the end of January to prepare for the next TOEIC IP test"(By Chiharu Miyamoto, 1st-year student)

Generally, 300,000 words are considered as an approximate figure to attain a level of reading fluency.If you haven't started Xreading yet, why don't you try it?
  • 4号館で携帯でXreadingに取り組む宮本さん
  • 彼女が読んでいたのは、、、?
  • 白雪姫でした!

2018/11/21 21:00:00 Community Engagement Program コミュニティエンゲージメント

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受入:University Sains       
受入:Deakin University English Language Institute
・グアム 担当:廣岡先生

・京都市内 担当:村山先生
・福井県越前町 担当:南先生
実施時期:2019年5月~2020年1月 合宿と週末(月1回程度)
・兵庫県城崎町 担当:原先生
・京都府京丹後市 担当:岸岡先生




The leaves have turned red here in Kyoto.
I hope you are enjoying your autumn!

Today, I'm going to talk about "Community Engagement," which forms the core of what we study in the Faculty of Global Engagement. It is a project aimed at tackling and resolving social issues by working together with members of communities throughout the world.

For the year 2019, there are eight programs for Global Tourism students as follows.
①Overseas Programs (to be conducted from November to December 2019)  
・Malaysia(Penang)Program at University Sains       
By Prof. Yoshikane      
・Australia(Melbourne)Program at Deakin University English Language Institute
By Prof. Nozaki
・Guam Program with KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd.
By Prof. Hirooka
・Vietnam(Ho Chi Minh City)with KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd.
By Prof. Hirooka 

②Domestic Programs 
・Kyoto Program (Internship at Japanese traditional inns etc.)
By Prof. Murayama
August to September 2019
・Fukui Echizen-cho Field Museum Program
By Prof. Minami
May 2019 to January 2020 (Monthly activity)
・Hyogo Kinosaki Program (Internship at Japanese traditional inns)
By Prof. Hara
1)August to September 2)November to December 2019
・Kyoto Kyotango City Tourism Internship Program
By Prof. Kishioka
August to September 2019

Overseas Program(Australia)By Prof. Nozaki
This program includes a 5-week study at the Burwood Campus of Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia plus 1-week community engagement activities at KUFS. On weekdays, participants will study English in the morning at the campus with international students coming from 100 countries. Weekday afternoons and weekends will be used for conducting group-based fieldwork research and compiling project reports related to tourism themes.

Domestic Program (Echizencho, Fukui) By Prof. Minami
This program is based on the field museum project in which KUFS has continued its partnership with the residents of Echizencho since 2013. Participants will be given chances to learn about such themes as marginal settlements, sustainable organic agriculture, and the restoration of the traditional Echizen pottery through their active involvement in fieldwork research, solution making, and social experiments.

  • メルボルンはどこでしょう?
  • 福井県越前町の地域住民のみなさん
  • コミュニティエンゲージメント活動中!

2018/04/28 00:00:00 エアライン現役社員による講義が行われました/Special Lecture by Airline Staff

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2018年4月18日(水)のEnglish for AirlinesⅠでは、ANA国際線旅客サービス部に勤務する現役社員(京都外国語大学卒業生)を東京からお招きして、就職活動・業務に関することや国際線業務に必要な英語力、エアライン専門用語等に関して講演をして頂きました。





グローバル観光学科 萬谷
  • エアライン現役社員のお話に、熱心に耳を傾ける受講者

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