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2024/05/20 12:00:00 Dr. Mahon Murray - Changemakers Series Guest Speaker

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  • Posted byAaron Campbell
On May 14th, 2024, DGS students attended a talk by Dr. Mahon Murphy, an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Law at Kyoto University. Professor Murphy specializes in International History. In his talk, he offered insights on the peacemaking process between the European Union and Northern Ireland.

The role of the European Union was fundamental to the establishment of peace in Northern Ireland and the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in April 1998. The Good Friday Agreement ended most of the violence that had been ongoing since the 1960s, a period referred to as the ’troubles'. With Britain’s decision to leave the EU after the 'Brexit' Referendum in 2016, the future of the Good Friday Agreement and peace in Northern Ireland was cast into doubt. This lecture provided a historical background to the EU’s role in the establishment of peace in Northern Ireland and what it can teach us about today's world of political unrest.

DGS teachers would like to extend thanks to Dr Mahon Murphy for delivering such an interesting presentation. We would also like to thank our students for being part of our successful gathering. Your presence made it more productive and enjoyable.
  • Professor Murphy Delivering His Lecture
  • A Packed Lecture Hall in Building #1
  • Slides from the Presentation

2024/05/17 12:40:00 Community Engagement Activities with an NGO in Rural Zimbabwe

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  • Posted byAaron Campbell
DGS Professor Kevin Ramsden recently documented his experiences in Zimbabwe, southern Africa last September of 2023, where he engaged in fieldwork with the Zienzele Foundation, an NGO with whom he has been involved in fundraising and direct support for over 20 years. The Zienzele Foundation (ZF), founded by Prisca Nemapare and Nancy Clark, has been working with rural communities facing persistent poverty exacerbated by numerous economic challenges and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The ZF also aims to empower orphaned children who are often left to raise themselves in Child-Headed Households without adult supervision.

During his fieldwork, Ramsden sensei witnessed firsthand the daily struggles of these communities, particularly the lack of access to basic necessities like clean water and education. He observed and engaged in activities ranging from supporting local women's basket-making groups to implementing boreholes for clean water access. These efforts not only provide essential resources but also foster community development and self-sufficiency.

Ramsden sensei was especially moved by the resilience of children in Child-Headed Households (CHH), who, with ZF's support, are overcoming immense hardships. Many of the children in the CHH have nobody to help them and are unable to provide for themselves as they are so young. Living together for security, they do receive a little food and other supplies from caring locals, but generally they live miserable lives without adults around, and are extremely vulnerable to disease, hunger and mistreatment. Fortunately, the ZF is doing their best to support these children and provide them with paths to better lives via food, clean water, medicine and education.

Click here for a more detailed account of Professor Ramsden's experiences.
  • Women of a Rural Community in Zimbabwe
  • Children of a Child-Headed Household
  • Prof. Ramsden with the Zienzele All-Stars

2024/04/12 20:20:00 DGS 1st-Year Student Orientation 2024

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  • Posted byAaron Campbell
On Thursday, April 11th, the Department of Global Studies held its orientation for incoming 1st-year students. The morning session began with a warm and motivating welcome speech from the Department Chair, Professor David Taylor, followed by self-introductions from professors and senpai (2nd and 3rd year students). After that, students heard presentations from various student and campus groups, took part in an interactive Global Studies quiz, went on a campus tour, and had a tasty lunch with their new classmates.

Then GS students boarded busses headed for the Okazaki area of Kyoto City, which included a visit to the newly refurbished Kyoto Zoo for a scavenger hunt and photo contest team competition. Then it was back to campus for a pizza party and prize ceremony for the winning teams. Along the way, students got to know each other and had some laughs with their senpai and professors. It was an enjoyable and optimistic start to the Spring 2024 semester!
  • DGS Senpai Students on the Stage
  • DGS Students in front of Heian Shrine in Okazaki
  • New Students enjoying pizza at the after party

2024/01/19 12:20:00 DGS Students Win Top Reader Awards

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  • Posted byAssociate Professor Aaron Campbell
On Wednesday, January 17th, four 1st-year Global Studies students were recognized as among the top readers in the University's Extensive Reading Program. In total, 72 students from all departments were recognized for their achievements in extensive reading in the English, French and Spanish languages. Winners received a certificate and a book coupon for their efforts. Also, a congratulatory speech was given in person from the Founder and President of Xreading, Paul Goldberg.

Extensive reading is the practice of choosing interesting books in a foreign language (in our case English) and reading as many of them as possible. Not only does extensive reading have linguistic benefits, but it also helps students increase their knowledge of the world and its stories, histories, and cultures. This is important for being a Changemaker in a globalized society, for we must be able to communicate skillfully with other people, be aware of cultural differences, and take action to create the kind of change that is beneficial to all who are involved and invested. Reading extensively helps us accomplish this!

So we congratulate Nana Fujii, Ayumi Matsumoto, Kaede Saito, and Nao Hashimoto for a job well done this year. We hope that this is the beginning of a lifelong habit of reading and sharing that knowledge with others.
  • Top Readers from the Global Studies Department - 2023~2024 Academic Year
  • All the Top Readers from KUFS at the ER Awards Ceremony 2023~2024
  • 2nd-Place Winner in the DGS, Ayumi Matsumoto, with Associate Professor Aaron Campbell

2023/10/24 12:10:00 KUFS Model United Nations held on October 14th and 15th

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  • Posted byAngus McGregor, Associate-Professor
The inaugural KUFS Model United Nations, organized by the KUFS Student MUN group, took place on October 14th and 15th on campus, attracting 34 students from 8 universities. The conference, conducted entirely in English, revolved around the theme of Human Rights with student delegates divided into two committees: Human Rights in the Middle East and Human Rights in the Western Sahara.

From KUFS, Ken Torito assumed the role of Secretary-General, while Ayane Maekawa served as Assistant Secretary-General. Ryo Nakatsuji functioned as Head Designer and Photographer, with Ena Kambashi and Boonyakida Chanikarn contributing as Committee Chairs. All KUFS student leaders are from the Department of Global Studies (DGS).

The Model United Nations is a role-playing simulation where students portray delegates from assigned countries and deliberate on the given agenda. They prepare speeches, engage in both moderated and unmoderated caucuses, and collaborate in committees to draft resolutions related to the agenda. Delegates subsequently present these drafts for debate, participate in the amendment process, and cast their votes on the finalized drafts.

Throughout the academic year, KUFS students actively participate in numerous Model United Nations events, both on and off-campus. In the first term, DGS first-year students must enroll in a Model United Nations class which includes a one-day MUN event. Moreover, KUFS students have the option to join the annual Japan University English Model United Nations (JUEMUN), held during the first term. This event sees participation from almost 200 students across Japan, with KUFS serving as one of the organizing universities. In 2022, Torito, Maekawa, Nakatsuji, and Eita Shimakura took part in the National Model United Nations (NMUN), a globally recognized event hosting over 350 students from around the world. NMUN events occur in locations such as New York City, Washington, D.C., and various international destinations.

The KUFS MUN was primarily orchestrated by DGS students, aiming to offer peers an additional avenue to familiarize themselves with MUN and hone their diplomacy skills. Event founder Ken Torito remarked, "I've been involved with Model United Nations since high school, having participated in approximately 9 events. My goal was to introduce students, especially newcomers, to MUN, equipping them to delve deeper into subsequent events."

The entire event was coordinated by KUFS students who aspire to gain official recognition as a KUFS student circle/club in 2024. For the upcoming academic year, Boonyakida Chanikarn (DGS) is set to become Secretary-General, with Yukie Endo (DGS) as Assistant Secretary-General. Reflecting on the success of the inaugural event, Chanikarn said, "I feel honored to have been selected as the Secretary General for next year. By working together as a team, I think we can cooperate with other MUN communities around Japan to develop the KUFS MUN even more. We will use the KUFS MUN Instagram account to share more details, so please follow us.”

The KUFS Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWsfzcWzHw0

On Instagram at: instagram.com/mun_kufs

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