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2021/07/12 16:00:00 From Akiya to Comfortable Eco-Home –– ポッドキャストインタビュー(Iain Davey 先生)

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英米語学科ブログの「教員ニュース」では、教員に関する、または教員発信の情報を紹介します。「教員ニュース」第1号は、環境問題を専門とするIain Davey先生より、先生が出演されたポッドキャストインタビューの動画の紹介です。Watch the videos if you are interested in Iain-sensei's eco life!


Hi everyone, I’m Iain Davey, one of your full-time lecturers at Kyoto Gaidai.

If you have taken any of my classes, you will know my research area is environmental issues and sustainable development. I also help with KUFS Eco Group that are doing great work on campus and around Kyoto.

You will also probably know I live in Shiga and try to lead a life that is as environmentally-friendly or sustainable as possible. We try to produce a lot of our own food, so have chickens, goats, bees, and grow a lot of different fruits and vegetables. We also live in house that produces all of its own power from the sun (solar PV) and has a toilet which turns the waste into compost for the garden. We use a car which we run, not on diesel, but instead, on recycled waste vegetable oil. All these things help to reduce our impact on the environment in different ways.

Last year and again this June, I was invited onto a Podcast series called Seeking Sustainability in Japan. In the interviews I talked about our eco-friendly house, garden and lifestyle. If you are interested and would like to listen to them, and of course, practice your ENGLISH, please follow the links.

Podcast Seeking Sustainability in Japan with JJWalsh on YouTube:
From Akiya to Comfortable Eco-Home
August 2020
June 2021
  • The eco house with its solar panels
  • The Davey family's two goats enjoying the weeds
  • Iain Davey 先生

2021/07/10 09:30:00 7/16・17 TOEIC IPテスト(1・2年生対象)

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英米語学科1~2年次生、短期大学1~2年次生を対象に TOEIC(IP)オンラインテストを実施します。対象学生は必ず受験してください。

2021年7月16日(金) 0時00分 ~ 7月17日(土) 23時59分(注:試験実施(受験可能)日時までに受験が完了していること) 


2021/07/08 18:20:00 KUFS Eco Group 環境月間Report

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英米語学科ブログの「学生ニュース」では、英語学習や国際理解などの分野で活躍する英米語学科の学生たちを紹介します。「学生ニュース」第1号は、環境問題に高い関心を持つ4年生の佐々木光さん執筆の活動報告です。(English below)
*インスタより、KUFS Eco Groupによるプレゼン「World Environment Day 2021」(英語)が視聴可能です。Bee kind!!


こんにちは、KUFS Eco Groupの佐々木光です!先月5日は世界環境デーだったのをご存知でしたか?今年のテーマは「生態系の回復」ということで、KUFS Eco Groupでは6月を環境月間とし、このテーマに関する様々な活動を行い、Instagramにその様子を投稿しました。

左上の写真はbug hotelといって、京都外大に生息する虫たちが泊まれるホテルを作りました。材料は、竹、枝、松ぼっくりなど様々です。可愛くて簡単に作る事ができ、虫の生態系を回復させることにもつながるので、是非皆さんのお家でも作ってみてはいかがでしょうか?このbug hotelは後日外大に設置予定です。



新しいメンバーも大募集中です!少しでも私たちの活動に興味を持ってくださった方は、KUFS Eco Groupに入ってみませんか?InstagramのDMでご連絡お待ちしています!

Hello I'm Hikaru Sasaki from KUFS Eco Group. Did you know June 5th was World Environment Day? The theme for this year was "Ecosystem Restoration", so we conducted an online event and did some activities for saving the ecosystem.

This is a bug hotel (photo: top left) which is a place for insects to rest, and it's made from bamboo, twigs, pinecones, etc. Adding a bug hotel to your garden, balcony, or any outdoor space, is a simple, effective way to help insect populations recover, and I highly recommend you to try it! And this lovely bug hotel will be placed in KUFS campus soon!

We also went to the Kamo River to pick up some garbage (photo: center left) since more and more people are gathering and drinking there because of the corona virus situation. At a glance the river looks really beautiful but when you look closer, there is so much garbage like cigarette butts, plastic bags, or empty cans. As you know, the Kamo River is a really important habitat for many kinds of animals such as ducks, herons, great cormorants, or Koi fish and Ayu fish. Please take your own trash home to prevent animals from eating it by mistake.

Do you want to see more pictures? Go to our Instagram page where you can see some encouraging posters created by students and a short presentation regarding the ecosystem restoration! (photo: top bottom)

If you are interested in our projects and activities, why don’t you join us? We really hope to have you as a part of our group! Contact us through DM on Instagram!
  • Bug hotel
  • Kamo River Clean-up
  • KUFS Eco Group Instagram

2021/07/02 18:00:00 JUEMUN(日本大学英語模擬国連大会)2021 hosted by KUFS

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Japan University English Model United Nations

The annual Japanese University English Model United Nations (JUEMUN) Conference was hosted by KUFS last weekend, June 25th-27th, 2021.149 student delegates from 12 universities (and coincidently 12 nationalities) took part in the event.

The Agenda theme was Appropriate and Resilient Development for Environmental Sustainability. The three meetings and committee topics focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 9, 12, and 13, were as follows:

Meeting 1: Appropriate Infrastructure Innovation and Industry for Sustainable Development (SDG 9)
Committee A: Increase access and use of communication technologies for sustainable development
Committee B: Develop sustainable and resilient infrastructure
Committee C: Strengthen small scale enterprises in developing countries
Committee D: Facilitate financial support to least developed countries and small island states

Meeting 2: Responsible Consumption and Production for a Sustainable Economy (SDG 12)
Committee A: Reasonable consumption and production of clean energy
Committee B: Reduction of food waste
Committee C: Reduction of industrial waste
Committee D: Supporting economic opportunities and job creation by promoting local culture and products through sustainable tourism

Meeting 3: Urgent Action to Combat Climate Change and its Impacts (SDG 13)
Committee A: Strengthening resilience to climate related natural disasters
Committee B: Integrating climate change measures into policies and planning
Committee C: Building knowledge and capacity to address climate change
Committee D: Managing climate action programmes for least developed countries and small island states

Because of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic the event was held online, but due to the lifting of the state of emergency the three meetings were chaired in person on campus by students from KUFS, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, and Notre Dame Seishin University, Okayama.

Professor Emeritus Craig Smith, was adamant that JUEMUN events should be student-run and student-led. As a mark of respect, JUEMUN 2021 closely followed Craig’s wishes. The Secretary Generals were Hibiki Maeda (KUFS) and Niklaus Weigelt (KUFS). Nik and Hibiki, along with Manami Miyatake and Naru Kosugi (KUFS) worked tirelessly from as far back as July 2020 to create this event.

In order to stream the meeting online students from KUFS formed a technical assistance team led by Hibiki Maeda with support from Ruka Sasaki, Saeko Ito and Kazuto Morishita. Manami Miyatake organized hotel bookings for our guests from Notre Dame Seishin University, Okayama and Kobe City of Foreign Studies, as well as ordering and collecting meals during the event, and arranging that all delegates receive a special SDG badge created by a local NPO.

The ZOOM meeting opened on Friday with an opening address from the KUFS Secretary Generals followed by two guest speakers, Kaoru Nemoto - Director, United Nations Information Center - Tokyo, and Rev. Takafumi Zenryu Kawakami - Deputy Head Priest, Shunkoin Temple. The guest speakers addressed the pressing need to fully implement the UN SDGs. Delegates then actively engaged in speeches, negotiation, resolution writing and debate for the next three days, finally voting on the finished amended resolutions in the afternoon of Sunday. The meeting closed with a message from students of Notre Dame Seishin University, Okayama who will host the meeting in 2022. Certificates were then distributed to all 149 delegates, prepared by Nik and Hibiki.

I would like to express special thanks to Prof. Angus McGregor who conducted the demanding JUEMUN course for KUFS as well as overseeing the technical and physical details of the event in countless meetings (online and face to face) and emails, a huge undertaking. Also special thanks to Ishihara Yumi of Soumubu who arranged for the meeting rooms and computers and did an amazing job in facilitating away the difficulties of holding such an event during a pandemic, and to Lori Zenuk-Nishide (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies), Donna Tatsuki (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies), Michael Hollenback (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies) and Tom Fast (Notre Dame Seishin University, Okayama) who all greatly contributed as faculty advisors on the JUEMUN 2021 organizing committee.

Despite all the difficulties posed by hosting an event during a pandemic JUEMUN 2021 was a great success and I would like to say an extra special thank you also to the wonderful students of KUFS from the Department of British and American Studies and the Department of Global Studies who actively took part and spent so much of their valuable time contributing to its success: Ai Umeda, Miku Yokoyama, Cygee Chavez, Thanavut Prateep Na Thalang, Carlo Yamano, Mizuki Shin, Hayato Tanimura, Yamato Wakai, Ryo Perez, Ryo Nakatsuji, Ranna Suzuki, Mayu Inoue, Ken Torito, Anji Yamasaki, Taro Baker,
Thank you all!

Ian Gibson
JUEMUN KUFS organizing committee

2021/06/09 15:30:00 京都外大ペアプレゼンコンテスト(12/18)& 神田外大プレゼンコンテスト(11/20)出場者募集!

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1. 京都外大「日本文化英語プレゼンテーションコンテスト」 2019年度動画
  応募期間:9月初〜10月初頃  発表要旨(英語)と音声ファイル(mp3)を送る
  賞品:[1位] 賞品(例年のロンドン or NY往復航空券相当)・図書カード3万円
     [2位〜4位] 商品券、図書カード5,000〜2万円など
2. 神田外大「全国学生英語プレゼンテーションコンテスト
  応募期間:5月末〜10/19  発表概要(英語)とビデオを送る
  テーマ:(1) 偽情報に惑わされないアイデアを提案
      (2) SDGs達成のために私たちが継続してできることを提案 
      (3) 学校のDX化を提案             *3つのうち1つを選択
  賞品:[1位] 奨学金100万円・読売新聞インターンシップ参加権など
     [2位〜4位] 奨学金5〜30万円など

Mike Barr (短大キャリア英語科教員) m_barr@kufs.ac.jp

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